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What is called the “ideal cut” is a term associated with a Belgium cutter, Marcel Tolkowsky,
whose 1919 treatise on diamond cutting outlined a recommended cut configuration that he,
rather modestly, and more appropriately named, “high class brilliant.”

His configuration, however, addressed only 17 of the round brilliant diamond’s 57 facets:
one is the tablet facet- the top surface-, then the eight crown main facets of the diamond’s top
section, and lastly the eight pavilion main facets of the diamond’s bottom section. This represents
only the first preliminary stage in cutting known as “blocking.”

Any modern diamond, cut to Tolkowsky’s recommended proportions which essential represent
only 17 of 57 total facets, is graded as ideal!

The difference between one ideal cut and another is how well aligned and angled are the
remainly 40 facets (the 16 lower girdle halves, the 16 upper girdle halves, and the 8 star facets).
While ideal cut, more appropriately should be labeled ideal proportion, constitutes a critical part
of a well cut diamond, it does not by itself convey an absolutely totality of a great cut.

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