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Diamonds Via the Orient Express!

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Over a century ago, Basil Khoury was purveying the best diamonds from Amsterdam to Beirut via the famed
Orient Express train!

And now, right here at Tysons Galleria, Khoury Bros. offers the very best in

Proprietary unusual cuts in diamonds,
at surprising great prices

 8.8 mm

 8.8 mm

1.04 CT

Proprietary Cut

MSRP $15,480

 1.82 CT

Conventional Cut

MSRP $32,850

 8.8 mm

1.4  CT

Proprietary Oval Cut

 8.8 mm

 1.82 CT

Conventional Oval Cut

More sparkly AND larger sized for the carat weight!

Both diamonds measure 8.8mm in length, but the proprietary cut is 1.04ct and the conventional cut is
1.82ct… offering you savings on average as much as 30%, and with more sparkle!
1.00  CT


1.00 CT

These proprietary cuts with similar savings and equal sparkle are also available in
Lab Grown diamonds

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