What to Know about Custom Designing Your Engagement Ring

More couples than ever are choosing to custom design their engagement ring- 45% did last year according to The Knot- and many jewelers and goldsmiths are eager to help customers design their dream ring. While it is understandable to want to meet client wishes, we have seen in the last 5-8 years a marked spike in customers bringing their recently custom-made jewelry to us after being unhappy with the results.

Too often, quality craftsmanship is conflated with quality design. While no question coming from a helpful place, many jewelers and goldsmiths offering custom design services simply do not have the experience and expertise to design a ring. The side diamonds don't quite present a streamlined look. The shank overpowers the center stone. Colored stones are not set in a cohesive way with the diamonds and present a bulky and "blocky" overall look. Many of these pieces are well-crafted, but the design element is simply not there.

Khoury Bros. is a sixth-generation jeweler with roots in the late 19th-century jewelers' guild in Edessa. Serving the DC area since 1975, our designers specialize in designing custom engagement rings in addition to the vast majority of our own jewelry. We don't advertise often and are mostly found by word-of-mouth, sometimes receiving referrals from as far away as Florida and New York and overseas.

Here, you are empowered designing your ring by working directly with our dedicated chief designer right here at Tysons Galleria. Your ring will be made, distinctly, by a team of 15 master artisans at our affiliated New York studio.

The master artisans we work with are specialized in casting, setting, polishing, and other aspects of production. One casts only gold, another platinum. At various times, as many as three different stone setters are used for a single jewelry piece. We are proud to uphold the Aramaic guild tradition of ethical craftsmanship and sustainability.

Our Chief Designer, Fouad Khoury, is based here at our Tysons Galleria showroom. We work to interpret our customer's likes and dislikes, their lifestyle and preferences for how they wear their jewelry and general style. We believe the designer should help capture our customer's individual style, and not simply take a design request and apply it- that's the Khoury Bros. difference.

We invite you to visit our Tysons Galleria showroom and see over 300 bridal rings- from vintage-inspired to classic to truly unusual rings you won’t find anything like on other hands. Our experienced staff are here to work with you, and our Chief Designer is always available by appointment to work with you on a custom design within your budget.