The Diamond Cradle - The "Cradle" of a Ring's Sparkle!

The majority of rings with this setting style, when cast, have the diamond cradles pre-bored uniformly into the wax model. This results in two things

First: unnecessary spaces between the diamonds where dirt can collection and diminish their brilliance. Diamonds are magnetic to dirt and oils.

Second: when prongs aren't customized to fit each diamond they obstruct light for scintillation. Even "ideal cut" diamonds will not sparkle if they are set poorly and not positioned to perform superior light performance.

For this ring, each diamond cradle was measured and hand-drilled to fit each individual diamond by our master artisans in our affiliated studio in New York. This takes longer to do, but means (1) no space for dirt AND (2) discreet prongs for optimal light performance and sparkle.

It is designed to be beautiful now, and for every day life.