Expect Excellence, The Surprise is the Price!

At Khoury Bros./Crisscut we offer the brightest diamonds at the best prices... even in a mall location! Come see the difference, and the area's widest selection of unusual bridal rings, and enjoy 2 drinks on us at next door ISABELLA Eatery & Bar* through April, just for meeting with our Chief Diamond Cutter.

At Khoury Bros./Crisscut, you can expect...

... insight direct from a sixth generation diamond cutter on why there is as much as a 40% price difference among same carat, same GIA-grade diamonds- both online and in stores.

... always additional savings of 4-11% from other sources on the brightest diamonds in the world as certified by *Sarine, an independent and world-renowned diamond tech firm.

... a dazzling array of 5 showcases of hundreds of the most gorgeous and unique engagement ring styles, bridal sets, and men’s bands.

Call 703-442-011 to schedule your appointment today!

*Valid through April 30, 2018. Appointment required. One offer per couple/family unit. No purchase necessary.