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    A question we get a lot is this:

    How is that on the same website you can find GIA-certified diamonds graded with the same weight, cut grade, color, and clarity with big differences in pricing?



    Pictured above is a list of 1-1.01 ct diamonds for sale on a popular diamond website. The price difference is significant. If they are all the same grades, even all GIA... then how can they have such a huge difference in pricing?

    With over 45 years experience as a hands-on diamond cutter and gemologist, Fouad Khoury and knowledgeable staff can explain why and go beyond the diamond certificate. Expect always savings of 4-11% on the brightest diamonds in the world certified by Sarine, an independent world-renowned diamond tech firm.

    Why? Because we are a direct source located in a secure mall with much lower insurance premiums, have a very low ad budget, and are partnered with an elite list of diamonds.