Diamond List

A $100M Diamond List

And the Revolutionary L'Amour Diamond
A question we get a lot is this: how is that on the same website you can find GIA-certified diamonds graded with the same weight, cut grade, color, and clarity with big differences in pricing? If they are all the same grades, even all GIA... then how can they have different prices?

With over 45 years experience as a hands-on diamond cutter and gemologist, Fouad Khoury and knowledgeable staff can explain why and go beyond the diamond certificate.

Expect always savings of 4-11% on the brightest diamonds in the world certified by Sarine, an independent world-renowned diamond tech firm.

Why? Because we are a direct source located in a secure mall with much lower insurance premiums, have a very low ad budget, and partnered with an elite list of diamonds.

Expect access to a $100M list of diamonds at unusually low margins.

And see the revolutionary L'Amour diamond, designed to be brighter and larger-looking