Copper Saucepan vs. Teflon

There’s an old story about an American who visits family in France, falls in love with a particular bechamel sauce, and attempts to replicate it upon returning home. After several failed attempts she calls her in-laws and goes through the recipe step-by-step. The first question her mother-in-law asks is, ‘What type of saucepan are you using’?
The quality of gold, palladium, and platinum regardless whether it is 18 karat, 14 karat, 10 karat, 950 platinum or 900 platinum depends largely on how well the mounting – namely the blank – is casted, fabricated, and finished.

Most commercial jewelry is mass produced and ends up with a large amount of porosity. These embedded air bubbles causes the metal to act akin to a sponge-like material. This makes the metal become soft and thus easily wear out. The hardness of metal is rated by vickers (HV) and pounds per square inch (PSI) measures its durability strength. For example, the average hardness of cast platinum (which is very pliable to begin with) is only 60 HV and 40,000 PSI. for most commercial companies, while Khoury Bros.’ platinum is 130 HV and 65,000 PSI. This is due to how carefully and at what scale the jewelry is cast. You simply will not get the same results when casting hundreds of pieces as you would if you cast one or two at a time.

After the metal is meticulously casted and/or hand wrought, our artisans minutely carve out holes for the gemstones and create a special niche for each individual stone. Once the “blank” (mounting) is completed, it is painstakingly buffed and polished to perfection.

Gemstones are scoured from all over the world for best quality and value and are cut to our exact standards for vividness, brilliancy, scintillation, and overall beauty, Only the choicest diamonds with excellent cuts radiating with brilliancy, fire, and scintillation are chosen.

A note on smaller stones: Some people do not understand the importance of cut in smaller diamonds until they get dull within a few hours of normal wear. Unless each is exceptionally cut, and therefore possesses the necessary fire and scintillation to stay brilliant at all times, the film that builds under the stone from lotions, soaps, oils, etc. will cause them to look like “dirty diamonds” or like they had fallen out. For more details, please refer to “Three Facts About Diamonds” in the Diamonds section of this site.