Stone Replacement & Upgrades

Never as simple as it sounds, replacing or upgrading a stone can be a rather involved process where the prongs need to be refurbished or replaced. In the case of an upgrade in size, the entire ring may need to be sized to ensure the look and fit of the center. The final result is as much artistry as craft and without either of these elements the ring may not look right, but more importantly the stone may not sit correctly. Without the proper tools and knowledge, the entirety of the ring could become weak and a stone could be lost. That’s why so many have come to us throughout the years for this most important of services.

We spend the time helping you choose the perfect stone to fit your desires and budget. We then go through the entire process of placing it into your ring step-by-step and detailing exactly what will be done and what you can expect when our work is finished. We can also provide you with a variety of options for your existing stone that will perfectly compliment your ring.