Pearl Restringing

Pearl restringing may not be a service that people even consider let alone expect to be done differently from place to place. There are several types of string that are commercially used that range from cotton or nylon blends to silk and have different grades of tensile strength. We only purchase the highest density woven string that will maintain flexibility while retaining strength.We have all seen in the movies what happens when a string of pearls snaps. The actors all go scrambling as the pearls hit floor and hilarity ensues. It isn’t that entertaining when it happens to you and can result in damaged or lost pearls. If pearls are worn weekly, it is recommended that they are restrung at the most every two years. If there is noticeable discoloration of the string, it may need to be restrung sooner as this is indicative of the string becoming fatigued by dirt and other contaminants. If let alone in this state, the string may snap and even get stuck in the pearl’s hole.

To lengthen the life of your pearls, always put them on last as all the hairsprays, perfumes, and makeup are particularly harmful to the string (especially true if silk is used). Because pearls are soft, never use a brush to clean them as over time this will dull the pearl – even a rough wool sweater will scuff them over time! The golden rule is to always wipe them off with a soft cloth after wearing them because perspiration is mildly acidic and will act like a dirt magnet that builds a film on the pearl’s surface.