Diamond & Jewelry Education

Modern advertising has muddied up the waters as to what is truly important to look for in diamonds and jewelry. So much so, that today’s consumer assumes that they can make an educated appraisal of a diamond’s worth before making a purchase and they feel confident in their decisions. Unfortunately they only know half the story.

For example, diamond grading reports have become a standard for measuring the 4 C’s of a diamond, but no where do they discuss a diamond’s fire vs. brilliance factor. In fact the term “diamond grading report” implies that it should not be used as a certification, simply informational.

This is just one point we would be happy to teach you about. Another would be the question: Why would seemingly identical rings show different rates of wear for the same person? Not many think about this, but the answer to this question could cost someone a very expensive center stone.

Khoury Bros. invites you to come to one of our stores for an informal course in diamond and jewelry buying. Call for an appointment or just stop by and ask us some questions. We are always happy to be of service.