The Khoury Bros. Legacy

Early last century, when our great-uncle George was asked what would happen if a piece of jewelry he was commissioned to create did not meet a certain client’s full satisfaction, he replied with a whimsical grin, “It would have possibly ended in an execution of the most unpleasant kind.” For over two centuries, Khoury bros. has been jewelers to people of all walks of life. From royalty and nobility to those common citizens with uncommonly discerning taste, we have considered every client’s need with the utmost gravity. Our clientele, irrespective of social status, has always tended to be sophisticated and demanding, trend setters not followers, whose patronage has always carried with it the necessity for Khoury bros. to stay on the cutting edge.

Fortunately for great-uncle George and for the generations that followed him, our client’s requests and commissions have always been successfully executed and fulfilled with unflappable aplomb and composure that only comes from the assurance that Khoury Bros. has stayed at the top of our game and has been able to create jewelry that is chic, trendy, romantic, creative, and original.